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Ben Fenske Masterclass 2019

I had the privilege of taking my second masterclass with world-class painter Ben Fenske at the Welsh Academy of Art.

Photo courtesy of Welsh Academy of Art. I'm in the grey smock talking perspective with Ben, the perspective master!

If you aren't familiar with Ben, he is an incredible painter and teacher, having studied at the Russian Academy of Art and the Florence Academy of Art. He lives between America and Florence, Italy and paints in a modern impressionist style. He was also named one of American Art's top 25 living artists. He is also a lovely human.

Check more out here: 

One of the still lifes Ben completed over the 3 days. 

My first masterclass with Ben was producing a portrait from life in the morning and a still life in the afternoon in studio. This time, we were working en plein air creating outdoor still lifes, an arrangement I was most interested in given his artworks.

One of Ben's demos.

As with last time with Ben, he broke down complicated concepts such as value, composition, temperature, drawing the form, chroma, how light bounces and colours reflect, and brushwork in a relatable way with incredible morning demos. I learned more in 3 days with Ben than perhaps in my entire life. 

My final pieces:

My morning piece. 

My afternoon piece.

An absolute joy and I immediately set up in my garden to reinforce my learning when I got home.

(although the British weather meant finishing it in studio!)

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